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Scarab: Books 1 to 6 of the Amarnan Kings
Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutenkamen, Ay, Horemheb, Descendent

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun in Amarna., September 19, 2012 by James Ashton (Wales).  This review is from: The Amarnan Kings Book 4: Scarab - Ay (Kindle Edition)

As an Egyptologist, I did not expect the @Scarab@ series to be factual and I was not wrong. The author has taken the known history of the Amarna Period and clothed it with fascinating tales of the well known characters. I could not find any factual errors except in minor detail. The stories take on a life of their own and the most unlikely scenarios develop Tutankhamun fighting with Smenkhare to the deaths of both of them, but why not? We don't have evidence to the contrary! Ay takes his conventional role and becomes Pharaoh, marrying Ankesenamun). I could not put these books down (or, at least, my Kindle). A delightful series by someone who has a deep knowledge of the 18th Dynasty and particularly of Amarna. My best read for a long time. Jim Ashton.

5.0 out of 5 stars   Wow. Just Wow., September 9, 2012 By Elizabeth~N - This review is from: The Amarnan Kings Book 1: Scarab - Akhenaten (Kindle Edition)

“Max Overton - Master Wordsmith. Honestly..... buy it!! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Then Wishlist the next four books in the series, put the kettle on and get ready for a REAL story.  It was captivating and thought provoking. This book is just one "chapter" of a long lifetime which is covered from start to finish through the five books in the series. My review today is not only about this book but the entire series.  Mr Overton has taken a name that history has remembered only twice and blown the breath of life into a strong, vibrant young woman. Her entire life....with all the hardship, the betrayals, the scheming plotting relatives, the love, the loss, the fear, the joy, the....LIFE! Life in all it's ugly, painful, joyous, beautiful, messy glory.  The style of writing is very clever and very insightful. Mr Overton has shared a lot of historical fact throughout the story adding authenticity to Scarab's life. At other times, he's drawn on Biblical inspiration and raised some interesting questions.  The story is told not purely from Scarab's point of view, but occasionally switches to other significant characters too, giving us some insight into their motives and mannerisms. I didn't notice any typo's or grammatical errors.  Great plot - heaps of twists along the way.  Fascinating characters - whom I either loved and loathed depending on their role in the story. I don't think I've ever hated a "bad guy" more than Ay.  Beautiful setting(s) - makes me want to buy a plane ticket and see it for myself but I was there... I saw Kemet! I saw the White Walls and the temples, I saw the hot desert and I sailed the river along with Scarab. It takes a true wordsmith to take you back to ancient Kemet.  Some fascinating theories about the Exodus.... it's so plausible. It takes a great mind to piece all of that together and tell such a wonderful story in such a skilful manner.  The start and close of each book is set in 1940's (...or was it the 30's....??) Syria and by the end of the series I was deeply invested in the archaeological team despite their "small" part in the story. That was clever Mr Overton....that was just pure unadulterated clever."

The amarnan kings book 1 Scarab-Akhenaten 3 Sep 2012 By martin Format:Kindle
"Looking for a book that details life in ancient egypt, not just the historical details, but bringing the story to life by involving the reader in the day to day lives of the ordinary citizens, but also the kings and queens of their time and the intrigues of daily life. The author has managed to amalgamate known facts with an amazing made up scenario that makes the reader totally believe what he is reading. I have become totally involved with the characters of this first instalment of these books,that I have puchased the further 4 other books in the series. Needless to say that I have not been disapointed in doing so. At the present moment up to half way throughBook 3. Brilliant!!!!!!. Totally involved with the characters and can't wait for more."

"Wonderful story, well-written historical fiction. What a wonderful find. Thank you, Mr. Overton, for taking me on a trip to ancient Egypt. I cannot wait to read all the books of the series. Books 2 & 3 are already in my iPad library. Thank you especially for omitting the vulgarity and gratuitous sex that so many other authors feel compelled to weave into their books, which add nothing to the story line."

Great new discovery in authors, July 7, 2012 By Wendy Wilson (East Coast) - This review is from: The Amarnan Kings Book 1: Scarab - Akhenaten (Kindle Edition)
"Ok, I gave this book a try; I love historical fiction, the more ancient the better. No one knows for sure what happened that far back, tantalizing clues and some historical records are all we have and I've seen some pretty strange interpretations of the clues. This book not only delivers on a rational and reasonable explanation but does it in a manner that draws you iin completely. It drew me in so far that, even though I knew I was getting close to the it, the end came as a complete surprise and threw me right out of the story. I bumped down and quickly proceeded to download the next book. I enjoy the world Overton has created and will most definitely visit more of it. "This whole series of books about the Amarnan Dynasties was absolutely wonderful. I had a hard time putting any of the books down. The attention to details made Kemet and all of the characters come to life. I hope the author continues to enthrall us with stories about Ramses the Great sometime soon. "

A fabulous PAPERBACK!!, August 28, 2012 By Sheila R.
"What a joy to read (and own) Overton's "Scarab-Akhenaten" (book #1).Max did his homework and wrote a masterpiece...and what a ride it is! And best of all, it was offered in PAPERBACK (as well as kindle).I can't do kindle (eyestrain), and frankly, I love the independence of real books in paperback and hardcover. If the grid goes down, I can still happily read. Book #1 of his "Scarab' series is SO good that I desperately want to read books #2 - #5 ... but I can't, because they're only offered in kindle forrmat. That ain't right. Not all of us are fans of ebooks. I wrote to the publisher ( and perhaps they will disregard my feedback as a memo from a dinosaur.  But Overton's "Scarab-Akhenaten" is a real GIFT to my library, and to yours. How I wish that we could have the freedom to choose paperback (or kindle).  This would increase book sales too."

Thankyou for your kind words. Books 2-5 will be available in print any day now. I tried to contact Ms Roberts via the email address supplied to Writers Exchange with no success. I can be contacted via my website Kind Regards, Max (Overton)

Sandy's review Oct 27, 11bookshelves: wee-published Read in October, 2011
"I really enjoyed researching the actual characters and seeing where Max couldn't have gotten his story, since it is based on real people who lived thousands of years ago. It was cool to see them come to life in archeology reports and feel like I sort of knew them when the archeologists didn't (even though it is a fictionalised account, you feel you know the people:)"

Mar 04, 2012 Stephanie
"I couldn't wait to continue the series. Knowing the historical succession of the Egyptian pharaohs, it was interesting to see where the story would go. I liked what he did with it, in making Smenkhkare a separate person from Nefertiti whom some historians believe it to be."

"Billiant!!! This review is from: The Amarnan Kings Book4: Scarab - Ay.
This is the fourth book in the series The Amarnan Kings by Max Overton. I eagerly awaited this book, as I absolutely loved the first three. For me, I was not disappointed at all and it was all I hoped it would be. I really really love this type of Ancient Egyptian novels and I will be very sorry indeed when this whole series comes to an end. I would also like to say a very huge thank you to Max Overton himself, as being the impatient person that I am and wanting this book now, now, now, I couldn't contain myself and emailed Max on his author website email address and Max very kindly kept me informed of when this book would be available and even emailed me to say when it was up on Amazon for sale. So WOW impressed by this thoughtful personal service!!! The book itself follows on almost seamlessly from the last, Ay is a devious, scheming old man, but his adopted son Nakhkmin becomes even more so. I was shocked by Paramessu and the way he keeps his son from Scarab. I am even getting really cross with old Bashir, keep pushing Dani. I'll have to wait a bit now for the next book, but can guarantee as soon as it's on Amazon I will be among the first to buy it.  I have read all three books so far in this series. All I can say is I absolutely LOVE them and cannot wait for the next book - I search Amazon every other day waiting for the next Book Scarab - Ay. So come on Max hurry up!!!!!"

Stephanie's review Mar 04, 12 Read in February, 2012
"I was looking for a historical fiction about Egypt and found this series. I loved it. I loved the set up for the information and thought the storytelling very captivating. I really enjoyed researching the actual characters and seeing where Max couldn't have gotten his story, since it is based on real people who lived thousands of years ago. It was cool to see them come to life in archeology reports and feel like I sort of knew them when the archeologists didn't (even though it is a fictionalised account, you feel you know the people:)"
"What?!?! I was thinking all along that this was a three book series. Its actually five, and now I have to wait to read the outcome. I loved this one as well. Scarab really comes into her own in this book. Ay is the ultimate villain. Can't wait to see what the author does with Ramses and Seti. Please hurry the release of books 4 and 5!  I love ancient Egypt and this series agrees with so much historical fact I wonder if he knows something we don't... :)

A history lesson with a twist!, April 2, 2012 by bookworm.
"I was taken on an adventure in a time we can only imagine. Mr Overton's meticulous research into Ancient Egyptian Life, and his descriptions of the food, environment, clothing, and day to day living, allows you to immerse yourself in the times. Whilst there is little known about the character Scarab (Beketaten) "Max brings her to life with his research and imagination. He also provides some insight into what may have happened to some of the historical characters, Akhenaten, Smenkhkare and Tutankamen and even Nefertiti, whom not a great deal is known about. I particularly like the way he begins and ends each book in modern day with an exploration that uncovers Beketaten's tomb. I have read the first three books in the series and am hanging out for the final ones once they become available. For anyone who has an interest in Ancient Egypt but does not have the time or inclination to delve into the history books then I would recommend Max Overton's Scarab series."

SignoftheTimes - This review is from: The Amarnan Kings Book 1: Scarab - Akhenaten (Kindle Edition)
"This is the story of Pharoah Ahkenaten, otherwise known as The Heretic King, as told by his sister Beketaten.It follows the rise of young Ahkenaten and Queen Nefertiti and their worship of their one god, the Aten, and how this worship and the banning of all other gods from Egypt, led to their downfall. There is supposed to be a Part 2 to this book, which I am looking forward to. It was an enjoyable read and worth the price."

Lion of Scythia, Golden King, Funeral in Babylon

Scythia, October 8, 2012   By James Ashton (Wales) - This review is from: The Golden King (Paperback)
The Golden King was my second look at the Lion of Scythia Trilogy and it was as gripping as the Lion. The characters are part of a whole scenario which drags you kicking and screaming into a world of the middle east at the time of Alexander the Great. To see the politics and religion of the period is shocking but sucks you in so that putting the book down is not an option. Nothing is telegraphed, there is a surprise on every page. You are so relieved when the baddies are killed (horribly!) and so pleased when the goodies are saved.  Thank you, Max, for an excellent read, whether it is historically accurate or not (I don't know). I'm ready to get stuck into Funeral in Babylon.  Jim Ashton.

Lion of Scythia, October 14, 2004 By lrj "lrj" (texas)
"Yet another great start to a trilogy! If you are looking for a great read with adventure and a new world dusted with a history you won't want to miss..this is it!"

Lion of Scythia,  Bookwork
“I have become a great fan of Mr Overton’s works.  His ability to take one to another time in history enthrals me and I loved this series as much as his other books.  There is something unique about Mr Overton’s style that constantly surprises the reader.  I find his stories unpredictable, even when the element of historical fact may be known, who knows what is to become of his characters.  I hope he continues to write as I am a ready and willing reader, and judging by Mr Overton’s reviews, I am not the only one.”

Cry of Shadows

Psychological thriller to keep you reading on., April 2, 2012 By bookworm
"One serial killer would make an interesting read, but two, and from the opposite sides of the world. Fascinating scenario with a doctor on a mad mission, from Australia, and a rejected lover in the USA. Intriguing from beginning to end."

Glass House, Glass Darkly, Looking Glass

Soon to be a movie?, August 26, 2003 By A Customer. This review is from: Glass House (Paperback)
"Soon to be a movie?" I'm not surprised. It's full of special effects, aliens, mysteries beings and creatures. can't wait to see it in a movie! The book is awesome."

Australia Comes Alive, August 1, 2001 By morganno" (California). This review is from: Glass House (Paperback).
"If you have a hankering to travel to the land down under,this is the novel that will transport you there. Beautiful vivid descriptions, scenery that will take your breath away, characters that live and suspense that makes you shudder. Australian mythology abounds here. This book will appeal to romantics, adventurers, sci fi and mystery lovers alike. I can't
recommend it highly enough.

Glass House, October 14, 2004 By lrj "lrj" (texas). This
review is from: Glass House (Paperback).
"An Amazing adventure that entices the mind and makes you think. The writing is visual and alive. I can't wait for book two! "

Terrific read!, February 25, 2002 By C. Penn "WordWeaving" (Greenville, SC) This review is from: Glass Darkly a (Paperback)
"Evil creepy crawlers are lurking in the dark and crossing into reality in this latest paranormal action/thriller from Ariana Overton. As the veil between the worlds thins, threatening to allow an influx of danger, Overton weaves a deft web of the fantastic and the paranormal to create A GLASS DARKLY. Although it is part two of a series that began with GLASS HOUSE, it also a fascinating and vivid tale that can stand alone. While GLASS HOUSE was set in the Glass House Mountains of Australia, this second novel is set in the Glass Mountain area of northern California where Morgan Steele has assembled some of the most brilliant minds in engineering and physics. Andi, Andromeda Jones, left the Glass House Mountains once, fleeing Morgan, but with her sister missing, returning seems her only link to find Sam and her husband James. Vox Dei, which translates as The Voice of God, a machine ostensibly created to end war, actually holds a much more diabolical truth. The military wants it for a weapon, the mysterious group "The Nine" want it for their own brand of power, and others seem to also have likewise dangerous motives for gaining control of this doomsday machine. As Andi brings the machine closer to completion, she ignores the warning signs, finding herself plunged into danger with her own work as the possible means to the end of the world as we know it. Many favorite characters make a return with Glass Darkly, including Sam, James, the blues, the greys, and Yowies. New characters will make an equally vivid appearance, particularly Moon Wolf, this reviewer's favorite. With a deft touch, Overton has created a remarkable novel of passion, war, and the quest for power. While reaching a full and satisfying conclusion, A GLASS DARKLY conversely whets the appetite leaving the reader ready to read more."

Native American mythology, August 26, 2003 By A Customer
This review is from: A Glass Darkly (The Glass House Trilogy) (Paperback)
"Great book about Native American myths, along with the Australian ones. Loved it."

Mythology in California, August 2, 2001 By morganno" (California). This review is from: Glass Darkly a (Paperback)
"Volcanos, native American myths, Australian myths, intrigue, murder and mayhem...all these and more will be found in this second book of the Glass House trilogy. I couldn't put it down."

Rakshasa, Djinn, Succubus

What a journey!, October 1, 2012.  By bookworm. This review is from: Rakshasa
“Northern India and its inhabitants are the basis of this book containing multiple stories of ordinary people, and how they are affected by the Demon Rakshasa. Max Overton presents an unexpected story of a demon in transition. The stories are interposed with a first person account from the Demon, of the part he plays in these peoples lives, where you learn that he begins a transition from a hateful demon with all that implies, into a being that begins to realise he can be something other than an angry, spiteful and harmful demon. As a result of Max Overton's meticulous research and obvious vivid imagination readers are given an insight into the daily lives of people with his stories that span Indian history from the semi-mythical days of the ahabharata to modern day tourists. There are tales of the Indian Mutiny, of a Sultan of Delhi, of kings and woodcutters, holy men and little English girls, Buddhist priests and ironworkers, farmers and mountaineers - a tapestry of life in Uttarakhand down the ages where a demon walks through the lives of ordinary men and women. Historical fiction certainly, but so much more. A tale of lives visible and invisible, where realism and fantasy were seamlessly woven together. Wonderful stories, and a fascinating concept altogether. I highly recommend this book.”


A masterpiece, May 20, 2013 By Dr. Robert Rich "Dr Bob Rich" (Australia) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME)   This review is from: We Came From Konigsberg (Kindle Edition)
“This is such a beautiful book.
The first thing to grab my attention was the beautiful, crystal clear writing. Not a word is wasted, sentences are easy to read so that the reader can focus in on the content, and the powerful emotions elicited in a subtle, understated way. This is writing from a position of empathy and compassion, and will get the reader to feel the same.  This content is well worth focusing on: a very real, very realistic tale of survival: one fine woman with intelligence and determination, walking with her five young children through the repeating hell of the advancing Red Army and the retreating Germans.
  The narrative is mostly in the third person, but there are passages in which Elisabet speaks to us herself, and I found these to be the most illuminating about the culture she came from. People nowadays can't understand how the great mass of ordinary, decent German people could have supported Hitler. Her passages, written with sensitivity and insight, provide a window into their thinking, and this is very relevant for our times, because the same processes can take place any time, in any society.  You must read this book, and it's a keeper. You will want to read it again.”

We Came From Konigsberg, May 20, 2013 By Wozzi - See all my reviews This review is from: We Came From Konigsberg (Kindle Edition)
“Based on a real family and events in the closing months of WW2, Max Overton excells at telling the dramatic flight of one brave woman with 5 young boys, before the onslaught of the Russian Army.
The drama is told warts and all, yet with sensitive insights into personal perspectives and attitudes of the day, which reflects the very sound research done by Max Overton.
This book should be compulsory reading for anyone who has not witnessed the degradation of human values experienced during war and the devastating effect on those left behind...women and children.

Koningsberg, May 19, 2013 By Breenie - See all my reviews This review is from: We Came From Konigsberg (Kindle Edition)
Written with incredible sensitivity. Based on the true story of a wonderful mother who leads and protects her children on an overland journey from Koningsberg to Berlin through one of the worst winters ever recorded, keeping them ahead of the approaching Russian Army during World War 2. I didn't want it to end and shed some tears at the finish.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Courageous Mother from Koenigsberg, May 19, 2013

Max Overton has again taken me on an adventure, this time in a more recent historical time than his Scarab series (which I loved), one that is filled with drama, but in the middle of the drama is a tale of a very courageous woman. Mr Overton's meticulous research into the events of WWII, and his descriptions of day to day life, puts you right there with Mutti and her five children as they flee from Koenigsberg to the West, in the midst of a freezing winter, no food, no shelter, only what can be found on the journey, and then the brutal atrocities unavoidable in war torn Europe . This story is based on real people, real events and comes from a different perspective than most stories set in WWII. The story is both heart wrenching and heart warming, and an impossible book to put down, until the emotional end. Loved it, recommend it, a must read. Thankyou again Mr Overton for taking me on a journey into the past.

Great Read!, May 26, 2013 By TreeChanged - See all my reviews This review is from: We Came From Konigsberg (Kindle Edition)
"We Came From Konigsberg" is the compelling story of a young German woman's escape from Prussia with her 5 small children.  Set in WWII, the book is obviously well researched yet the story is as gripping as any good novel. The author presents us with beautiful detail while providing insight as to how ordinary Germans may have viewed the proceeding war in Europe. It is sensitive and compassionate but at times also necessarily brutal. It is unfathomable to me how these people had the guts to go where they went; do what they did; and most of all, how they survived it.  My only criticism would be that I lost some sleep while reading this book as I just could not put it down.


By bookworm   Be Aware.  Format:Paperback|  Amazon Verified Purchase
Are the powers that be really considering storing carbon underground?  This story delves into this possibility resulting in catastrophe, providing a feasible account of such an enterprise.  The fast paced race to prevent the inevitable outcome once leakage of carbon is detected made it difficult to put the book down, knowing that a disaster was imminent but not knowing the extent of it and who would come out unscathed, if anyone.  This was a great read and a disturbing insight into a venture based on greed rather than a realistic solution to a very real problem. 


 Loved this Story August 8, 2013 By bookworm
I have learned much about World War II and many of the stories are quite predictable as we all know how the war ends.........well, not this story. This is a tale of someone, who for most of their growing up, tries to hide their identity and who continues to do so under extreme circumstances. I would rather not say more so as not to give away any of the plot, however I couldn't put this book down. I have read many of Mr Overton's novels now and read each new one as it comes out as he has become one of my favourite authors. I always know that I am going to be in for a heck of a ride with no idea where it will end. His research into the place and time his stories are set is extensive which makes his stories all the more believable. As with all of Mr Overton's books, I highly recommend this one also.

Haunted Trail

Awaiting publication.

Adventures of a Small Game Hunter in Jamaica

Awaiting publication.